BDK Boardshop (BDKB) features an extensive skateboard collection derived from over 16 yrs of active collecting.  As I've been skating since the 70's, I've always kept a number of things but in 1999 I was trying to find an old board I used to own (Sims BB) and sixteen years later is what you get to see inside BDKB.... btw, I did find the BB!  I feel the historic aspect is pretty well represented, you'll see skateboards (Caster, T&C, Dogtown, Alva, ZFlex, Powell, Sims, Turning Point, Val Surf, SMA, SeaFlex, G&S, Variflex, Tuff Sk8, Hosoi, Santa Cruz, Zorlac, Banzai, Lightning Bolt, Schmitt Sitx, Toxic, Blockhead, Functional Design, Fogtown, Vision, Black Knight, Nash, etc..etc..) - trucks (Tracker, Stoker, Bennett, Cal Street, Indy, Gullwing, BSC,Variflex, ACS, Motobuilt, ZRoller, G&S, etc..etc..) - Wheels (Sims, Alva, Blackharts, Variflex, Kryptonics, Powell, Z, etc..etc..) - Safety Gear (Rector, Mad Rat, Norcon, Protec, Flywaway) - Accessories (Copers, Pizza Grip, rails, tail bones, rib bones, stickers, etc..etc.)

Yes.... nothing is for sale, unless it's the right   I do consider trades, and I do purchase sk8 collectables - please inq