BDK Boardshop

BDK Boardshop (BDKB) is located in the historic Junker Bldg. which was built in the early 1900's, right hand side of Hwy 26 if your heading SE to Mt. Hood, next to the Gateway Grill & Pub in Sandy, Oregon.  BDK Boardshop in primarily a skateboard shop, dabbling seasonally in snowboards and surfboards.  As a "skater owned and operated" buisness, I'd consider BDKB a "core" skate shop due to a vast personal knowledge of skateboards, accessories, and historical aspects which has evolved since first starting to skate in the mid 70's.  During which BDK has professionally built demo ramps, semi permanent ramps & bowls as well as street course obstacles while conducting annual contests, mostly during the last 25 yrs living in Hawaii.  BDKB is a sister shop to BDK Skate located inside the Hickam Skate Hangar on the island of Oahu - Hawaii.  We moved to Oregon in the summer of 2013, even though I have to bounce back to HI a couple times a year, we're grown to love "the mountain" and have pondered this idea of expanding BDK into the Oregon scene which has now become a reality.  Come check out the extensive skate museum, as 60, 70, 80 & 90's boards, trucks, wheels & accessories are on display.  BTW, If your looking for something specific, please feel free to ask. -  BDK (Big Daddy Kays)